Monday, January 29, 2007

The Sahi family at Silvepura.

My intention in opening this Blog is to give some news or information about what is happening at the Art Ashram, and the programmes which I am hoping to initiate here.
The Art Ashram was founded in 1983, and at that time it hosted the "Indian School of Art for Peace" or INSCAPE. Over the years I have tried to develop, along with various friends, a kind of "Art Retreat" as one of the activities of the Art Ashram. The basic idea is to think of art as a Sadhana, and to discover the creative possibilities which lie in everyone. Thus the aphorism which is ascribed to various people, like Eric Gill, and Ananda Coomaraswamy the "The Artist is not a special sort of person, but every person is a special sort of artist", seemed particularly apt.
The Art Ashram has been closely linked to the work which Jane and I have been engaged with here in SILVEPURA ever since we settled here in 1972. Jane started a small experimental school adjacent to our piece of land in 1975.This school is called the Sita School ('Sita' means the Furrow). It was here that all our five children started their education, along with children coming from the local villages.
Now our five children who are Lavanya (35 years old this year)Kiran(33years) Roshan,(31 years) Anjali (26 years) and Somo (20 years) are all involved in one way or another in what we continue to do here. We are happy that both Lavanya and Gautham, her husband are settled nearby with their two girls Nayana and Ananda are also now regular attenders in the Sita School. Kiran and his wife Imogen have just built their home also at "The Land" the other side of the village.
I hope that in this Blog there will also be news of our other family members, and the activities which we are all engaged in.

Giving birth to a new Blogger: Jyoti Art Ashram

Welcome dear friends, this is me: I am the weblog of Jyoti Art Ashram.