Friday, June 29, 2007

The Fourth Station of the Cross:Jesus meets his Mother

This is another variant of the Tree Asana, where the Yogi balances on
one leg, and raises his folded hands above his head as a sign of the
highest greeting. He is standing on a seed like form and in fact he is
like the tree that grows out of the seed. The seed here is the
Mother--but in another sense she is also the tree. She is the fruit of
creation, in that she also participates in the suffering of Jesus. In
the Franciscan tradition the Stations are often accompanied by the
singing of the "Stabat Mater". The feminine is always present--like the
idea of Savitri who accompanies Satyavan into the underworld, like the
seed which falls into the ground, and germinates there. There is an
energy, or fire coming out of the seed, which is the golden womb, or
golden germ, spoken of in the Vedas

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