Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Prophetic Faith.

The Judeo-Christian or ‘Abrahamic’ Faith, arose from a prophetic interrogation of spiritual traditions. Fundamental to a Faith that reaches beyond the local, is a belief in the Universal as incarnated into the particular and historical. In this context the diversity of cultures, like the diversity which characterizes nature itself, has to be celebrated as a God-given richness, pointing to an ultimate unity beyond differences.

The Prophetic critique of “false images” which was often used to reject the images of other cultures, was originally an effort to recognize that all images, whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, are human images, and are therefore inadequate to express that Truth which lies beyond name and form. This Apophatic rejection of what is understood as idolatry, applies to the human tendency to define and contain a Reality that transcends our human imagination.

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