Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Kabir begins with an understanding of the body as a field. The task of being aware of our own reality is a recognition of the fact that we have to first of all recognize our bodies.

You didn’t take care

So the deer has eaten up your field.

I’m the owner of this field

Stay awake a thief will steal into your town

You won’t see him come or go

Inside you he will roam around.

Stay alert, the thief will come !

He won’t wreck any fort, raze any castle

He won’t show you any form.

Your wealth, and riches, goods, and treasures

Will be left behind

Says Kabir, this land is deserted.

No one here is yours

You came with your fist clenched

You go with your hands outstretched.

The idea of the relation between the human community to the land, lies at the very basis of a sense of identity. One can say that cultural geography sees that we find our cultural identity not just in the past, or a sense of memory, but also a feeling that we belong to a particular space, which gives us a living home. It is in this context that we can find in the poetic tradition of Kabir’s imagery is an ecological acceptance of the earth as the body of God.

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