Monday, May 28, 2012

The Mountain can be circumambulated. In that way it is like a primordial sculpture, which can be seen from different angles as we approach it from different perspectives. But the landscape that is related to the mountain also reminds us of the different seasons. It is the link between earth and sky. In the mountain we see how the moods of the sky effect the different moods of the landscape, and particularly the fields that lie at the base of the mountain. This images tries to picture the season of rains, when the great rock that points up towards the sky, becomes the recipient of the gift of life giving waters that flow down to irrigate the land beneath the mountain. This in fact is the basis for the ancient myth of the way in which the Shiva gave the Ganga to renew the earth which was parched as a result of a terrible drought  The myth of the 'descent of the River Ganges' is represented in one of the earliest monolythic masterpieces of Indian Classical art on the rock face of the temple complex on the seashore at Mahaballipuram

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