Monday, October 8, 2007

The Risen Christ as the Dancer.

"He who Steps Over--The Tandavan" (Oil on Canvas 1975. Published by Art India, Pune, as "And the Word Became Flesh". In the collection of the Missions Prokura sj, Nuerenberg)

The theme of Jesus the Dancer can be related both to the Suffering Lord on the Cross, surrounded by the flames of his agony, but also to the Risen Lord, who steps over the sleepers, who lie near his tomb. In fact the theme of the dance, which is one of Liberation, is to be understood as the symbol of the Divine Life that conquers all forms of suffering and death. In the art of the middle ages, we find the depiction of the "Dance of Death", but hidden under this dance of suffering, and human mortality, is the promise of life beyond death.

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