Friday, December 3, 2010

The Universe as a Mandala

The psychologist Carl Jung was very interested in the structure and image of the Mandala. He believed that this form is archetypal, that is it transcends the particular culture in which it can be found, linking up with a similar structure to be found in all cultures. He thought that the Mandala is the form we give to meaning itself; it is a shape that emerges from the very way in which we think, and understand the world in which we live. Dreaming the Mandala with Kabir, is to recognize that the poetic world of this Indian mystic, has links to the spiritual language of metaphor that we find in all cultures around the world. In that sense it is particular, and connected with the concrete and everyday world of each place, and people, but is also universal, showing that essentially the most important images that we try to explore through our spiritual quest, are what link all peoples and cultures in a common pilgrimage towards an experience of the Divine.

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@ngel ~ said...

This one is extremely Healing image.