Friday, December 3, 2010

The Universe as a Mandala

As an artist I have been especially interested in the structure of the Mandala. The Mandala form is well known in Tantric art, and is used as a visual form for meditation. The Mandala can be a two dimensional image, which is like an Icon, helping the mind to find a centre for reflection. But the Mandala is also a three dimensional form, which revolves like objects in outer space. Basic geometric shapes like the square, triangle, and sphere, are what underlie the Mandala as a plastic and visible form.


paul said...

The mandala was a favourite of C G Jung,
the Swiss psychologist and contemporary of Freud.
Certain patterns appeal to the human collective unconscious.
Paul George Vadekedethu, Cochin

Josh said...

I only recently heard of Mandalas. I saw a Buddhist artist's work in Manchester, UK; making mandala images. It's interesting that you present them in a Christian context, or rather, as reflecting the reality of God?