Friday, June 3, 2011


The structure of the enclosing form, as in the Indian concept of the Mandala or circle, represents opposing impulses. There is a relation of the triangle to the circle that symbolizes the dynamic opposition between the tendency to enclose, and the will to break open. Here we find a tension between the image of a protecting boundary, challenged by a movement that breaks out of a circumferencc representing both a form that holds, yet also prevents life from fulfilling its purpose. Such images symbolize the seed that embodies the future of life and growth. In the new year festival of Pongul in South India, the newly harvested crop of grain is cooked in a vessel which then overflows, symbolizing life's abundance. The child ventures out of the embracing care of the Mother, and this movement represents both a promise to the future, but also a suffering that accompanies the process of giving birth.

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