Saturday, June 4, 2011


In the book of Revelations, we are given various cosmic signs. The human being receives Divine Portents, which show not only the future, but what it is to be human here and now. The artist, it is said, makes visible the invisible. Kabir speaks of the 'sign within the sign'. An important figure of the Book of Revelations, is the sign of a Woman who is in the Wilderness, and who is about to give birth. What is being symbolized is the immanence of a new heaven and a new earth. The function of art, both visual and also written or spoken, is to remind us of a world which exists in the human imagination. This world is in a sense a "Dream", but the dream finally is as real as the phenomenological world that we witness through our physical senses. Without the dream we would not be human, we would not be searching for something beyond what we presently experience through our bodily senses. Without the dream, humanity would be simply blind, having no inner spiritual vision.

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