Monday, October 1, 2007

Temptation of Jesus.

Jesus is tempted in various ways. He is even taken to the temple, and Satan suggests that he could throw himself down from the top of the temple, to show his spiritual power. In fact the devils that tempt Jesus are like the different moods (navarasas) that play an important part in Indian Drama. Here we find the moods of Anger, Sorrow, Disgust etc. They are part of being human. Jesus as a very human person, has to overcome the negative moods, in the same way that the Buddha confronted the dark passions before he attained final enlightenment. The posture of Jesus is that of the enlightened One. With his right hand he points down to the earth, asking the earth to witness to his enlightenment, in the same way that the Buddha also pointed to the earth to reveal the Truth of his Wisdom. With his other hand he raises the palm in the gesture "Do not Fear" (Abhaya Mudra).

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