Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Trininty

We might reflect here on the image of the Trinity,understood from an Indian perspective. The Trinity here emerges from the Burning Bush, as the "I Am" from which the whole of Creation comes. On the left side of the central face, is a profile which represents the Father, whose hand is raised in the gesture "Do not Fear". The Central face of the Lord, is the Risen Lord who is also the teacher. His gesture, with two fingers pointing up, and the other fingers folded over with the thumb, indicates the Word of the Teacher, but also the mystery of the two natures of Jesus, both human and divine. Finally, on the right of this representation of the mystery of the Three who are present in the One, is another profile, this time of a feminine person, who represents the Spirit, or Shekinah. She is also Wisdom (Sophia), and her hand is in the gesture of deep meditation. This Mudra, known as the Dhyana Mudra (gesture of Consciousness)is made by joining the index finger to the thumb, creating a drop like opening, that is like a seed which gives birth to a new reality, and understanding.

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